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In accordance with our mission, BTE Foundation seeks out local emerging talent to feature.  Below are the current artists chosen for this year as well as art pieces they are offering with a portion of the proceeds to benefit the BTE Foundation.


Sean Friloux



Sean will paint a live concert painting to be featured at the 2016 Ezra Open.

Sean is a Louisiana native living in New Orleans. His collectors are worldwide and locals alike. He has done major Commission work for prominent businesses and private collections.


Stephanie Witt


“It was third grade when I found my ability to draw. It wasn’t until I moved to New Orleans, in 2012, that I would find myself painting close to everyday. Born and raised in Virginia Beach, I studied art from a young age and continued my art education while attending college at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, earning a BFA concentrating in Graphic Design.
While I enjoyed learning the techniques and structure of graphic design, I now want to translate that into something more fluid. What if I could turn a layout into a painting? Take an everyday scene or icon from within the city and create a painting that allows the viewer to have an emotional experience in an instant. I am drawn to the energy the city gives me and I make it a point to do the same with my work. I am continuously inspired by all the past greats, as well as many local artists.
Current works can be found on Magazine Street and at StephanieWittArt.com. For an inside studio look and artist life, follow my shop on Instagram @NoPlaceLikeNOLA.”


Raeanna Blanchard


 btef_artist_raeanna_blanchard Raeanna is a lifelong resident of NOLA who graduated from University of Louisiana at Lafayette. She recently launched her artistic endeavor, WhiteBlanc Canvas out of her passion for art and home decor.